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 A little bit about BDB! ❤️
What a year it has been! The masks are off and hopefully we are all breathing a little easier. If you had asked me in 2019 if my short or long term goals consisted of owning a business again, I could not have imagined it. I retired from my 35 year career as a Master Hair Colorist from the east coast and moved 3000 miles to a little town called Grants Pass. The slower pace and beauty that surrounds us was a lovely change and I feel so fortunate to have built a wonderful life on a small farm raising goats and chickens. I worked part time for The Blue Door Salon and Boutique for almost two years. My primary responsibility was scheduling clients for the busy salon and greeting customers, lots of cleaning and lots of laundry. My passion was clearly in The Boutique, creating new displays and breathing new life into the space while meeting amazing people! The hardest part for me was not being able to give a customer my full attention because I was scheduling appointments.
In March of 2020 Covid hit and business's shut down. It was scary for everyone. We were all in uncharted territory. It was unimaginable to think Blue Door Salon and Boutique might have to close their door for good. Stylists were not able to work and feared losing their livelihood and shoppers were unable to support the boutique. So when my husband suggested we consider buying the boutique, a glimmer of hope and light began to unfold for Blue Door.  On July 1, 2021 I became the new owner of the boutique and prior owner, Brooke was able to give all of her attention to the salon. It was a win win! We are now two separate entities who work collaboratively together. The greatest news is that when you enter the boutique... you will be greeted with a BIG WARM WELCOME! We love being able to give you 100% of our time and love hearing how your trip or day is going..Our boutique is a unique selection of wonderfully curated gifts hand picked just for you. We also have a vast selection of local artisans. To say I feel at home is an understatement. It is my home and my passion! Whether you are shopping for babies or brides, Moms and Dads, grandparents, siblings, birthdays or anniversaries, or just a little pick me up for yourself, you will undoubtedly come away happy. We enjoy being your “go to place” for gifts or just a safe place to browse and have some friendly conversation. Gratefully, Jen  ❤️ 



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